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Olsson employees recognized for swift action

Monday, March 11, 2013

Nancy Wichmer, Marketing

Olsson field inspectors Steve Bolin and Cheryl Carter were recently recognized by the City of Springfield for their swift action that potentially saved the lives of a family. Steve and Cheryl provide inflow and infiltration inspections for the City of Springfield’s Private Sanitary Sewer Pilot Program.

On February 8, 2013, Steve and Cheryl had a routine residential appointment. Upon entering the basement, they noticed an odd smell, a dead bird, and several dead mice. After further investigation, they determined that the flue to the gas furnace was disconnected and spewing carbon monoxide into the unvented basement. Because he is a former contractor, Steve reconnected the flue correctly. Steve and Cheryl then informed the tenant that she should inform her landlord about the loose flue. The tenant responded, “Then I’m not crazy! I’ve been having headaches and getting dizzy for some time now.” As it turns out, the landlord had a functioning carbon monoxide alarm in the house, but the tenant had removed the battery because the alarm had been sounding continuously. The tenant thought the battery was bad. 

Since the City of Springfield’s Private Sanitary Sewer Program began in the spring of 2012, Steve and Cheryl have been commended by residents and city staff members on multiple occasions for performing outstanding, thorough evaluations and providing excellent customer service. The extra awareness they displayed during this routine evaluation might have actually spared the lives of a mother and her children. 

On February 28, 2013, Steve and Cheryl were officially recognized by the City of Springfield. Both received certificates and Shooting Star awards from the Department of Environmental Services “for enhancing our image and reputation in our community.” City Manager Greg Burris expressed his appreciation and noted, “They likely saved some lives with their alertness and action.”

Congratulations to Steve and Cheryl on a job well done!

Steve Meyer (middle), director of Springfield's Public Works department, presents Shooting Star awards to Cheryl and Steve.

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